Perks of Being Single and Other Shit I’ve Learned

I guess this whole being single thing is actually going to be a wonderful experience. As a newbie to the college life… ( One semester in… WOOHOO!), It is important to learn how to deal with life and who you truly are. It has almost been a month since I’ve become single and I know it takes time to heal, but I think I actually might be enjoying this… I have learned more about myself and grown up so quickly this past semester than I think I ever have. Okay, So. The things I have learned…

  •  I want to be sophisticated and looked upon as one who knows what she is doing… even in times when I have no clue as to what I am doing.
  •  I enjoy reading on my kindle with a warm blanket, the fireplace and a cup of tea. My current favorite is Celestial’s Wild Berry. It’s sweet but not too sweet. Totally delicious, especially if you aren’t a citrus fan.. like me!
  • It is totally okay to splurge every once and a while. Especially if it is something you have been looking at for forever!
  • The people who don’t make an effort to stay in touch and treat you well are not worth having in your life. At all.
  • I am a total and complete nerd, and I am okay with that.
  • Add a complete oddball to the above statement 🙂
  • God brings people in and out of your life for a reason and he does NOT have to explain the reasons why
  • the little things are not worth stressing out about, because these are just miniscule things in the scheme of life
  • It is okay to want to be a fashionista. (New Year’s Resolution?)
  • my obsession with Vera Bradley, Lord of the Rings, Vampire Diaries and Twitter are all okay.

I am so excited to be done with my first semester of college. It is such a milestone in life, and even though I am transferring, That is what life is about at this age, right? Finding your nitch and learning where you belong. I hope that next semester, even though I am living at home, I can continue to learn and grow. It is time I find out who I am, without my high school sweetheart by my side. If I meet someone along the way, then that is fantastic. For now, however, I will just have to trust myself and God.


Leave some of your own words of wisdom and other findings...

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