New Years Resolutions

So, I don’t know about you all, but for me personally… this year has sucked. I have spent the last few days thinking about all of the things I want to fix for the new upcoming year.  I want to redefine myself and become happy and fashionable, fit and someone who can drink tea and read her kindle by the fireplace. I have become a tea lover. Wild Berry from the Zinger line by Celestial is wonderful. I can’t seem to get enough of this tea, It is so sweet already and doesn’t need any sugar.






So originally, I was thinking that I would make that one of my resolutions, but as you can see… I already did that. My next new years resolution was to become someone who didn’t wear sweats out of the house all the time. I want to feel good about myself. So when my boyfriend broke up with me, I started making an effort to look really nice whenever I left my house, and that doesn’t mean I piled on the makeup, even though I have started to wear makeup since then. I wear sweaters and leggings with scarfs and boots now. I started wearing jewelry and not wearing my hair up all the time. it feels nice to look good, it also gives me an excuse to buy nice things 😉


So now for my real resolutions. I guess since my two big ones were already finished (or really started… ) I needed to find some other things to make goals for the next year. I decided on becoming a reader extraordinaire. I’m hoping to finish The Great Gatsby before the movie comes out in May and some other things like that. I miss reading so much! I used to do it all the time. I remember the summer before seventh grade, I read over 60 books!


I guess my next “big” resolution should be about my health… I plan to get in shape. Not lose weight, but to be fit and healthy, instead of lounging around on my bum all day. I feel useless since the holiday break has started.. and maybe I can put that wii to use that has been collecting dust for months…


Instead of making a million and two new years resolutions, I figured I would make up three big ones. So I mentioned the two above and my last is to hopefully get an awesome youtube channel going, kinda like a blog. Sarahbelle93x, Arose186 and meghanrosette have been my three latest obsessions and someday I would love to be just like them.


I guess thats my three new years resolutions… we’ll see how well they work out for me!














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