Forever Young

I’ve been feeling so good lately. Spending so much time on campus and taking moments to myself. I feel like a newly defined person. I guess even other people have been noticing that too… Words I NEVER would have used to describe myself before this new year are being used.. Like outgoing. or Chill. Fun. My good friend from my old school even told me I seemed different. Lighter. I have an air about me. I don’t know if that had to do with my new outlook on life or perhaps my new clothing from Forever 21. I spent way too much money, but everything was on sale and I don’t even care at this point (I do however need a job).  It is so great to have found a group of people who you aren’t constantly trying to impress all the time. I know that this may seem cliche.. but I seriously am finding so much about this “new” me. And I don’t just mean new in the sense that it is a new year… I really think that becoming single has let me release that image of what my ex “expected” me to be. I am now dressing how I want, not worrying about what I spend my money on, as long as it is something I know I will wear and enjoy. Cleaning out my life one little part at a time and finally becoming the person I truly want to be. I was inspired by one of my personal favorite blogs The College Prepster, to take a look at my life and really define who I am. This adds to the fact that I am finding new things everyday that I absolutely love. I keep going onto pinterest or lockerz, and instagram and discovering I am so drawn to certain things. I explored that side this weekend as I splurged at Forever 21. I felt totally fashionable and beautiful all weekend. Such an amazing feeling, going from totally sucked into this image and functionality that was required as “so and so’s” girlfriend, to totally fashionable and loving every minute of it. I can’t say that I was totally defining myself into one “style” per say, because I totally mixed and matched. I bought some great stuff this weekend…  So, as I sit by the fireplace this evening and begin my online school work for the week, I am still feeling the left over glow from an amazing weekend. Have a great week everyone!


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