20 Things I’ve learned in College

I’ve learned so much this year, and it seems that even though I moved back home, my learning never stops. I am not only referring to the academic side of college, but the personal, mental and emotional sides of college. There are so many things that your high school advisers will tell you, and so much that they won’t. I’m here to share my knowledge on what they should have said.

1. Making new friends is hard. You won’t find the perfect group of people to hang out with right away. Many of your high school friends will become obsolete. You’ll meet so many people those first few weeks that you won’t be able to stand. You’ll meet people that after three months of knowing you’ll think they are your best friends in the entire world. Then a month later that could completely change. It’s all a game of chance. Don’t sever ties completely from others and don’t be afraid to be friends with someone.

2. You have to eat healthy. Bottom line. Your mom is not there to regulate what you eat. Eating junk and cookies all day will give you a stomach ache, keep you from doing well in your classes and ultimately slow you down, not to mention damage your health later in life.

3.GO TO CLASS. Once you skip a class, it makes it 20 times easier to skip another. Then your grade begins to suffer.

4. work out. you will not only keep your body in shape, but you’ll focus better, get rid of anxiety, stress and even anger. Especially in the winter.

5. Don’t spend all your time in your room. and while I’m on that subject, don’t spend all of your time with your roomie. Eventually you’ll get into an argument.

6. Some professors will not be good at teaching and you’ll have to learn the information on yourself. Don’t spend time complaining about it because a) that teacher could hear it somehow and B) that just makes you more upset.

7. Not all high school relationships last college, and it is okay to want to get out and see other people. It is NOT okay to cheat on someone then break up. Be brave and tell the truth. Honesty is always, always, always the best policy.

8. Caffeine may be your best friend, but it isn’t the best thing for you. Try to limit the intake of coffee and tea, its better for your body and your teeth.

9. Speaking of caffeine, get a good nights sleep as often as you can. Staying up till the crack of dawn is so wearing on your body. Not to mention, doesn’t help when you have an exam or something.

10. study as often as you can, but not all the time. Take it seriously, but don’t forget to have fun.

11. it is okay to feel homesick, call mom often. My mom and I talk every day, it helps with stress.

12. buy used books. Compare prices, look and email professors about older editions. You’ll save money and the environment.

13. It is not the end of the world if you bomb a quiz. The important thing is making sure you know why you did and how to fix that for next time

14. Netflix and Hulu.com are your friends.

15.  It’s okay to have to ask for help, mentally and intellectually.

16. Take up the offer for free things! Some campuses offer free massages or concerts.

17.Start essays early. It is not fun to sit and try to crank an essay out the day before it is due. Not only is it rushed, but less time to perfect it as well.

18. Don’t be afraid to change your major, multiple times. I’ve gone through at least three so far in my mind. it’s okay.

19.  Don’t judge people by first impressions. You eventually will come to find that people change and may not be the way you thought them to be.

20. Last thing I have learned is to have fun ad enjoy this. It all goes by so quickly and before you know it, you will be graduating. These are the best years of our lives!



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