Top Ten Fictional Characters I Crush On

Okay, so this post is orignially from , and I found this idea from a post, also known as the Librarian who Doesn’t Say Shhhh! It was such a cute idea that I totally was down for it. So go check out their posts, read mine, comment, and of course do your own post! If you do your own, be sure to comment telling me, and linking the post below. I would love to see who you all wish you could crush on in real life. Okay, so here we go. These are by no means in any particular order. 


1. Four (Tobias) from Divergent. He is so sexy to me, with his power to help Tris. He seems very manly to me and that just makes him so appealing. I highly recommend this book! The movie comes out some time next year so, jump on the band wagon and read it! If you love the Hunger Games, you’ll love this! Here’s a link to buy it: 

2. Michael Lancer from The Captive Mistress. He is even sexier than Four in my mind. He is so strong and protective of Christy. Not to mention, that if I could, I would totally go back in time and be his. Mega crush here. Deborah LeVarre only wrote this one novel, you can find it here:

3. Peeta from the Hunger Games. His love and devotion to Katniss is just so pure and steadfast, it makes me melt! Gale is also a crush, but after reading the entire series, I definitely decide on Peeta. You can buy the books here:

4. Mr.Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. He defied his Aunt’s wishes and married Elizabeth anyway. Even if he is a total snob and prick in the beginning, you soon learn that it is only because he is shy! He adores Elizabeth because of her faults, which is truly romantic. Buy it here (for free!!):

5. Any hero from a Johanna Lindsey novel. Romance at it’s finest. So strong, masculine, handsome, heroic, definite turn on and heart throb… dont ask for  favorite because I love them all. Buy any of her books here:

6. Dr. Blake Hunter from About Face. He takes care of her like none other and this story is so good! A mystery/romance. I can’t explain more because I read it years ago but I’ll give you the buying link:

7.Ryan Calhoun from The Charm School. Adorable. Buy it here:

8.Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables. I love the movies and the books. Absolutely adorable. 

Buy it here:

9.Jacob from Water for Elephants (young Jacob, not old Jacob). he defies the odds to save his love. This is a MUST READ. Buy it here:

10. Alex from Safe Haven. Or any hero from Nicholas Sparks’ novels. This one explains itself. Go buy it here:


This list could go on and on if I kept going through my book list. If you want a more accurate bio of the book, just comment below 🙂 And by all means read the books above! 

Happy April!


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