These are a few of my favorite things….

I decided that a good post for this week would be to explain a bit more about myself, and give you a closer look at my day to day life. So, a list of my favorite things would be awesome to start with right?

ImageStarting with this photo: Grey’s Anatomy and Biggby coffee. I am almost all caught up on Grey’s Anatomy and I get Biggby coffee atleast twice a week, especially since I have a favorite barrista over at my local coffee shop. I go here to meet with friends, grab coffee quickly with my mom, maybe when I get a car, I’ll even study there. It’s so quaint and cozy inside. 

ImageChristmas time is one of my favorite times of year. I see my entire family, we all give gifts and enjoy the tree. My mom always does the house up so nicely and she has a HUGE collection of Santas. I sit by the fire place and read with a hot beverage and enjoy the snow falling gently and the beauty of our tree. 

ImageThis quote, is my favorite quote combined with my favorite place on earth, the cottage that I have practically grown up at. Once a year for a week my entire family and a few select friends go here and have the time of our lives. For safety, I won’t mention where this cottage is. And if you have not read Pride and Prejudice yet, then  GET OFF YO BUTT AND READ IT NOW! Then come back and tell me all about your favorite parts 🙂 


Music is a HUGE part of my life. If you didn’t already know, I was a music major before I moved back home, and I am currently working on a concert series with an old voice teacher. I sing everyday, play music, play the piano, etc.  My favorite songs to sing along to are musical theater pieces such as songs from Les Mis and Wicked. I love listening to F.U.N., Maroon 5, We the Kings, Sara Bareilles, etc. If you have a song suggestion, comment below and I will totally check them out!


My favorite App on my Iphone ( named petunia, which I adore!) is instagram. I will instagram anything and everything. this app is my daily ritual! I check it constantly. If you aren’t following me, click the tab above with my social media sites 🙂



So, that is all I am going to share for now. Maybe I will make this a weekly thing, add my favorites from the week and let you guys know what goes through my head! Comment some of your favorites below 🙂






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