What’s the Perfect Balance?

This week, I have been pondering the “perfect” balance in life. Whenever I imagine someone speaking of a balance in life, I picture a younger me, sitting listening to a teacher go on about the food pyramid and healthy servings of fruits and veggies everyday. What I am talking about right now, however, is a balance of things like exercise, arts, human interaction.

We work everyday, whether it be in an office, at a cash register or sitting in school learning the valuable lessons to use later in life. We struggle with a constant requirement to keep everything organized and to allow ourselves to accomplish everything and everything that is within our grasps. Stress is normal to most of us and we experience it everyday.  Sometimes, I wonder if the stress is worth it. I find myself at certain moments longing to be on a beach somewhere, creating more to my stories that I have stored away on my laptop, unseen by anyone else but myself.

In school we are taught to keep a balance in our lives between work, play and health. Eat healthy things for lunch and snack time. Make sure you have enough time to get each assignment done or study for a test. Play and exercise enough so you can rest at night. We bring this ritual to our adult lives without even realizing it. I guess a goal in college is to figure out exactly how this all plays out and what balance works best for us individually.

Whenever I listen to “Quiet” by Natalie Weiss, (definitely on my list of inspirational songs), I always think about this topic because she sings “What’s the perfect balance, between yelling too much. Or not yelling enough. So that people don’t walk over you.”  I strive to find that balance everyday. I am not perfect, that is a fact clear as day to me. Being perfect is not the most important thing in life to me, finding that balance that makes me completely satisfied with life is what is important.

Each day I learn more and more about the type of person I hope to become. My mom always says “you and I are so alike” and that used to irk me. Now I realize more than ever that I hope to have the balance she has in her life, but a little more too.  She is so wise, and I know that I come off trying to be wise and give advice and speak like I know she would to someone whom she is offering advice. I hope that one day I can amount to become half the woman she is. Part of this journey for me is deciding what the perfect balance is for myself. Not for what those expect of me. Yes. I want to be extraordinary. I want to be astonishing. I want to be known for being strong, intelligent, a 21st century woman. Yet, I don’t want to forget those old fashioned values of family, love, respect, humility and sentimental values.

Astonishing. That word holds so much appeal to me as I sit at my desk writing to you all. I am meant to do so much with my life, I can feel it. I think this may mean someday picking up and moving away from home to accomplish all I know I can and find that balance that makes me so gloriously happy and rich. Not in wealth and money, but in happiness and love.

The happiest people I have ever known are not the ones with the most money. But those who know how much of each thing to bring into their lives. I believe my perfect balance will be the life I have been dreaming of lately. I’m not exactly sure how I will get there, but if I know myself, (and I like to believe I do…), I’ll get there somehow. So tell me. Do you have a certain balance to maintain in your life?


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