Let the Rain Fall

The first few days of rain were wonderful. I love the rain. It’s refreshing, like the world around us is getting a “fresh start” when the rain finally goes away to leave a beautiful sky full of sunshine and birds chirping. This rain however, has gone on far too long. For the past two weeks it has rained or thunder stormed every day. I normally would not mind this however, I am in need of spring. I am in need of laying out in the sun and feeling the warmth. I am in need of a day where I don’t feel the need to worry about what the heck I am going to do with my life. I can feel myself on the shores of the lake I go to every summer, squishing my toes in the sand and feeling the rays of sun on my back while the wind cools the fresh beads of sweat from me quickly. Can you picture yourself on the beach, laying on a towel with a really good book, feeling just warm enough to where you know you won’t get overheated? That is what I am feeling right now. That need and desire to go back to a wonderful moment in time when everything was okay and right in the world.


I want a summer vacation.


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