Welcome Spring, to my humble abode…

FINALLY. A day where spring is in the air.  Today was actually quite warm and I appreciated it so much that I took an hour long walk today. The air was warm, and slightly muggy with the scent of fresh rain on the horizon. Of course right now it is pouring outside, but since it is almost midnight, I deem this okay.

On my walk, I pondered many things, like the birds and this HUGE squirrel I came across. I tried to take a picture  for you all but, this squirrel is apparently camera shy. It was so nice to get out of the house and allow myself to just wander. I was in public, yet at the same time, I was totally in private with my own thoughts, surrounded by the trees, sky and wonderful sounds. I was not obsessed with taking the “artsy” photos I have been prone to take on adventures outside. Today was just, me.

So, I challenge you all to go take a walk. Right now. Well,  maybe not right now, but tomorrow. This week. Don’t allow your phone to distract you, just absorb the nature surrounding you. It’s truly astonishing.


Leave some of your own words of wisdom and other findings...

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