Friday Favorites: Why is each season my favorite?

I have been trying to think of a season that is truly my favorite. A season that I absolutely enjoy more than the rest, but I realized I love them all. I find each season has it’s merit and especially living in the Midwest, that seems to be something you have to love. It is born within you from the moment you breathe your first breath. So instead of choosing one, I decided to come up with reasons why all four seasons rock in Michigan.

  • Spring

Why do I love spring? There are a million reasons. I will just list a few.

My birthday is in the spring and I always enjoy having nice warm(ish) weather on my birthday. I love being able to go outside without having to put on a coat or wear boots because of snow. The flowers begin to bloom and even though I have allergies, I get a chance to smile at the beauty of mother nature’s paintings.  Opening up a can of Arnold Palmer ice tea and sitting on the swings at the park is so lovely. Not to mention the birds are peaceful, the lake is starting to warm up and there are people outside. The gloomy overcast of winter is gone and people begin to smile and be joyful again.

  • Summer

Summer is a time that I hope everyone enjoys. The warm weather is always nice, and I do like being outside, but I also associate Summer with a time to relax and be with my family. Ice cream is a weekly treat and bike rides around the lake are a must on the summer to do list. (Check out my latest post on this: My Summer To-Do List) Everyone (well at least while in school…) is off for the summer and we go to the park to play volleyball, have bonfires or even go on the boat for the day. Fireworks on the fourth and vacations up north are amazing to be a apart of. I feel inspired during the summer and get fit. Even though I am taking multiple credits this summer and have a full time job, I will still find ways to have fun and be with my friends. I think some of my fondest childhood memories are from summer. Do you agree?

  • Autumn (Fall)

I have always loved Fall. Going back to school and buying school supplies, planning lists and schedules has always been so fun for me! (Nerd, go ahead. Say it. ) I love the crisp air and knowing that soon it will be time to carve a pumpkin and go on hay rides. Those last few bon fires are being had and the chance to start a new academic standing will begin. Making new friends and moving into a new dorm. I have always found this time exciting. Football games and hot apple cider, with haunted corn mazes and hot soup for dinner all are included in the wonder of fall for me. Thanksgiving is also so wonderful time, eating with family and being thankful for everything life and God have given us.

  • Winter

I love winter because of the beauty of the snow in Michigan. Christmas and New Years Eve are definitely advantages to winter, but I love being able to wear cute sweaters and drink hot chocolate. Michigan has so many fun things to do in winter


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