With the Summer Wind

Wow, the season sure did change rather quickly! I remember just two weeks ago having to wear my huge down-feathered North Face outside with my Ugg Boots. Now we seem to have skipped spring and gone straight into that warmer summer weather, or maybe it just feels that way because not I am out of high school and thus my summer break is just about started. For all of my friends, final exams ended last week. Thus I am stuck, waiting for this week to end and to start my summer. 

What a busy summer it will be! I am working a full time job at a child care center this summer and taking two economic classes for 4 credits each to keep up with the demanding busy outline of my majors. Yes, two majors. I have two other jobs already and I know for sure that one of them might be put on hold for the summer, because I am going to be so busy! The third one is one that I can’t give up, I won’t give up and that is my writing. I am going to be an english major on top of a hospitality business major and I am PRAYING that everything goes mostly according to my well-thought out plans. 

So much has changed this last year and I never imagined I would have moved back home to pursue a double major in degrees I haven’t looked at before the last year. How crazy is that? Writing? Sure. I’ve been doing that for years. But to major in it? Then there is business. A degree that I always associated with math. I am not good at math. At least, I did not think so until this semester.

While my friends are busy going to the lake and eating out at places, going up north, doing fun summer things; I will be working. Hard work will pay off in the end right? This is such an exciting age coming up in my life and I know that I will eventually love that this hard work happened now and I can enjoy my work later. 

On top of that, I need this job. My Shopaholic tendencies finally hit rock bottom with a whopping 0.71 cents left in my accounts. Which I mean..I guess It is a good thing that I am taking classes about the economy right?

Another bonus that has been added to my summer is that I decided I will eat healthy. From this day forward I am going to (attempt) to cut fast food from my life. This will be harder said then done and by fast food I mean : McDonalds, Arby’s, Burger King, Taco Bell (yuck), Panda Express, A&W (unless the occasional rootbeer float…); If it has a drive through- I am probably going to skip it. 

This will be so difficult. Stress eating is huge on my list of things I do. Not to mention I have to start training for my color run more intensely, because running every few weeks is not going to help me. If you have done a color run, 5k, cutting food out of your life or anything in between, comment below. I would love some tips. 

For now, I am going to go for a run and hopefully eat something delicious and healthy when I get home. Happy May!


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