Friday Favorites: Best Classes I’ve Ever Taken

Okay, so for a quick post since I’m super busy lately, I figured this would work. 

My top five favorite classes ever. High school and college combined. Here we go.

1. Choir…. I’m a singer born and raised. My choir program in high school was the bomb diggity.

2. American Literature. My teacher was amazing and made the class worth while. Not to mention I loved her soooo much that I took her world religions class.

3. Humanities: 1800 to Present Day: I learned about the art I had the privilege to see in person. 

4. French: my favorite teacher, a language I love and I got to go to Paris because of it. Not to mention I keep in touch with her still.

5. My freshman year Biology class was amazing because of the people, not the subject matter. 


Okay, I have to hurry and leave, but I didn’t want to leave you all hanging! Happy Friday! 


10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Best Classes I’ve Ever Taken

  1. In high school, I enjoyed my Marketing classes, although, I don’t recall anything I learned. In college, my business course. Happy Friday 🙂

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