Eco-friendly: pros, cons and all the inbetweens

Lately ( as in today), I have been thinking quite a bit about being “eco-friendly” to the extreme.  Would I be willingly to sacrifice some of the things I have always used to be more “eco-friendly”? I am already somewhat friendly to the environment by using my kindle instead of buying new books, and my make up brushes I recently received are the brand Ecotools. My dogs are bathed with an environmentally conscious shampoo that is also animal friendly ( not tested on animals) and I think of all the other ways I can be kind to the environment. I buy used and rented books and only buy new if I absolutely have no other choice, I take my notes on the computer instead of using paper. In the end though, is all my  effort helping at all? I would like to think so. 

Some positives I can think of would include: helping the environment and reducing my carbon footprint, keeping water clean for future use and recycling and so on and so forth. I can also think of a few negatives here and there such as the expense it is to recycle through companies such as Granger. The price of ecofriendly products in the store seems to be more expensive as well. Then again, it seems everyone is trying to creat products with “100% recycled paper”. We could debate on this all day, but I honestly believe every little bit helps, and even if it is the efforts of one small person such as myself. What do you all do to recycle? 


Leave some of your own words of wisdom and other findings...

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