Paris: a place I only dreamed of… part one

In light of Friday’s post I decided to give an insight to the trip that changed my perspective on many things back in 2011. My trip to Paris, France with my adored French teacher. As a junior in high school, I was presented with the opportunity to travel to France the upcoming summer. I put all the money I earned that year towards flying abroad and learning about the culture. My friends and I even named the trip : Paris 2011, the land of Bread and Potatoes, because of the amount of potatoes and bread we consumed on our 14 day trip. I even went as far as to take a journal that my boyfriend of the time had given to me for my birthday.

I remember on the plane right there I watched Glee! (which I promptly turned off after a few seconds) and No Strings Attached, which I have no memory of watching then. I must not have paid very much attention to it, because I was too excited to land in Germany. We had a connecting flight from Germany to Paris. I remember my impression of the plane food initially was “this isn’t too bad!”, and enjoyed my small tray of chicken and rice. I wrote of being able to “see the moon!” from my window seat next to my friend Rachel. We landed in Germany at 2:10 AM Michigan time and I remember being so excited! I also tried kiwi and pineapple for the first time on the plane, which for anyone who knows me… is a huge thing! Image We landed in Germany and promptly took advantage of the photo opp! I felt adrenaline at getting my first “stamp” in my passport. I also took advantage of the layover and brushed my teeth, taking note of the difference between American toilets and European toilets! They also had free coffee and hot chocolate machines in the airport! There was also my first opportunity to talk in French to a German couple, who were not impressed when I had to switch to English for a moment. The connector flight boarded on time and I sat next to a girl who had come from a trip to Africa to work with orphans and I decided I wanted to try that some day. I also had my first experience with sauerkraut, and did not enjoy it.

The ride to the hotel was amazing because I gained my first true glimpse of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and more!

Initial impressions: rainy, lots of graffiti where we drove, fast driving with many lanes and zooming little mopeds! Also: on buses in France, it is a law that you have to wear your seat belt!

Later that night to get to dinner, we had our first experience with the metro! There is an example of what it looks like below the ground and a metro sign! There are so many different types of signs there however, that this is one of many!


We had our first dinner, and It was the best meal I have ever had ( well at least over seas!) We had bread (of course) and French Onion Soup, then a spinach quiche, which was so delicious. My first taste ever of quiche! Fries were also a side, which was very interesting. Such a stereotypical French meal, but oh so delicious! For dessert we had beignets (French donuts). On our way back from dinner we passed a few interesting characters. One man yelled ” tourist!” and muttered at us and then a couple of teenagers barked like dogs at us. I assume because we were American tourists.

I decided to blog this in parts because it was such a long trip, but I hope you enjoyed the first day in Paris through my eyes. look for post 2!



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