Wake up, San Francisco

Lately as I ponder the familiar question “What are you going to do with your life?” I find myself answering in a new way.

” I am looking into many things- Hospitality, English and even teaching. However, who knows what will happen.”

You see, as I get further into my job of being a child care aid in the program I work for, I find myself thinking ‘ Teaching wouldn’t be so bad…” Especially in a family of teachers. I think about how I love reading the pins family members teach that are useful for the education field. I also think about how amazing it is when you get to connect with a child and make a difference in their life. I remember who those people were for me when I was there age and can only hope that I am doing the same for them.

I also think about the bad side…. the market for education in my state is awful.. not to mention the constantly changing curriculum is terrible and getting more difficult to achieve success in.

Then there is my dream of planning weddings. I constantly pin beautiful dresses or table settings on Pinterest and think ” I can’t wait to be doing this for real some day!” The question is…. am I waiting to work in this field or am I waiting to plan my own special day? Something to think about for sure.

Another path I could travel is the English route. I love to read… and write.  Beneath the exterior I truly am a Nerd. If I could sit in a coffee shop, blogging and writing for a living, I would be okay with that. The question is… do I really want to do that for the rest of my life?

Then we are back to the music thing… I could totally do it. Except my anxiety seems to get in the way. I am preparing for a concert where I am currently a featured soloist, and I think: wow I totally miss this. Yet, was it not eight months ago when I was dying to get away from it all?


So here I am. A few months away from moving into my dorm, at my second university. Starting all over again and becoming once more a new person. Maybe someone who knows what she wants and doesn’t feel anxious anymore. I keep thinking maybe I will someday become the person I hope to be. All I know for now is that this job is one of the best decisions I ever made. Working with children truly puts meaning into your life.


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