The Netflix Junkie

I feel as though an epidemic is surfacing around the nation. As I am getting sucked into the world of Netflix, I find that the thing I long to be doing most is watching the next episode of the series I am obsessed with. It all started with The Vampire Diaries. A friend of mine a few years back told me I absolutely HAD to watch this show and she was right. I become enthralled in the story of Elena and Stefan (TEAM STEFAN ALL THE WAY!) I used her account to finish the series, then as the series aired on television, I kept up on Hulu. Soon enough, Netflix was once again forgotten. Then a few months ago I tried a trial period of Hulu Plus. I hated it. Even though it has some tv series ( I bought it purely for the reason of watching season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy.) It does not have nearly enough content. 

Then I once again discovered Netflix. My initial attraction was not only the famous Netflix label with the red and white logo. It was the month free trial period, where I have since then watched some of my favorite movies (She’s All That, Maid in Manhattan…) and found new movies such as Thor and newly released today The Avengers. I also have become obsessed with How I Met Your Mother.  

I suppose the topic of this post is really about how much screen time the average college student gets a day. For myself, I find that I average about four hours a day, depending on how much Netflix I watch, and how much of my online classes I get done. 

Is there a such thing as too much Netflix? Is there a such thing as technology going too far? Now I love my blog. I love being able to communicate with the world and spread my thoughts to the far corners of the earth, but when does this skip over a hobby and become something bad? These are the questions I ponder tonight. If I calculate my use of something with a screen today I could break it down like this for you:

I watched about 15 episodes of How I Met Your Mother while studying/cleaning/sorting/ etc. at about 21 minutes each. That is about 5.5 hours of “tv time”. Then I spent about an hour doing homework for my online classes. I also saw Man Of Steel with my family tonight which was over two hours. I spent almost half of my day in front of a screen and that doesn’t even begin to include using my iphone. 

Now most nights are not like this at all. It is rare that I go to the theater. Most nights I come home from working all afternoon and not using a screen at all to using a screen for a few hours to do homework and watch some Netflix. I just can’t help but wonder if I could use all this screen time for something else and find another hobby instead of watching tv all the time…



P.S. Man of Steel: Superman is HOT.  


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