The Color Run!

Last Saturday, along with FINALLY getting my license (Friday), seeing my friend from school, and getting all the dried out, fried ends of my hair chopped off, I ran the color run. (walked.) All 3.1 miles (5k) of it, as people threw color on me, my friends and I managed to make it out alive and happy!

I will insert pictures here. 

ImageHere is before, with one of my good friends. The morning was so gorgeous for a 5k! We had perfect weather.





My hair after all was said and done. It washed out easily, but LOOKED AMAZING before I did wash it!

ImageThe after picture, well worth the money!


Pros of the Color Run:

benefits a good cause that was local to my area

early in the morning, so it wasn’t too hot

color was awesome!

great vibe

Cons of the Color Run

more expensive than Color Me Rad

Color stayed on my shirt in areas of sweating, until washed multiple times

only one water station for the entire 5k.



That being said, this was well worth the 40 dollar registration fee and I will probably do it again next year! My cousin and I are also doing Color Me Rad, which is the same thing, but I hope to train more and run some of it!








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