A million miles a minute

Wow, What an alliteration! Hello my lovely readers, I am back from my semi-long hiatus in the wilderness (the beach) of my state. I spent my time hunting (buying pizza), fishing (seeing fish in the lake), and reading (I actually read). I have many stories from the last few weeks, but I will get to that later. I feel like my mind has been racing a million miles a minute and however long I try to relax, I can’t seem to do it.

I actually started packing to move into my dorm last night, gathering boxes, opening boxes, finding little knickknacks to put on my desk. I emailed my roommate, hopefully she responds. I move in on the twenty fifth of this month, which is so close! Yet, so far away.

While awaiting the news of who my roomie was for the upcoming year, I went up north on two separate trips (woohoo!) First, I went up north with my family and a couple friends and it was so cold! The best part was the last half of the week, well actually the last two days of the trip. Then I came home, and had FOOD POISONING from McDonald’s. Of Course.

My second trip was my girls’ weekend up north with about 7 of my good friends. We had some troubles but all in all everything was so fun.

Now I am back to you all. Trying to come up with inspirational posts and such, thinking about the upcoming weeks and writing to all of you. If you want anything specific comment below! mwah!


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