Negative Energy

Tonight, as I lay in my bed and look around my extremely messy room, I ponder how the next few weeks will go down, I ponder the last year. I have been single for almost a year. What have I learned? Or have I just re-noticed all the things I always knew about myself, but never actually thought about. Is there a method to my madness in the daily routines I give myself? Sure, the daily shower, the hair brushing.. those are all necessary routines. I find myself giving into my guilty pleasure every night, Youtube and Vine. ( FOLLOW ME ON VINE! Michelle Raven), Checking things off my planner is also a daily thing I take pleasure in. The giddy feeling I get from checking something off my to-do list is wonderful.

What will my life be like in a dorm on campus? Yes, I’ve lived in a dorm before, but this is a new school, new roommate, new experiences. I find that this seems to be the prevalent topic on my mind. I will be the first to admit that this topic has been talked about too much by me in the last few weeks.  To the point where I am having nightly dreams about it, YES, NIGHTLY. Am I obsessed or just overly excited?

So, what have I learned? Stay tuned to find out in the next “Letters to You”


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