Letters to You: Goodbye. Good Luck. and Good Riddance!

This will be my last letter to you. I feel as if enough time has passed and especially since you are dating someone else, I can finally say all the things I wish I could have said before.

I hate how whenever I wanted to buy something, you would tell me not to buy it. If I want to buy a plate of food from China Express that I could never eat by myself in a million years, LET ME. If I find a shirt that I really like at Target, and I want to splurge on it, then let me splurge.   im sorry  I’m not sorry for enjoying my money and feeling carefree enough to spend it. A high school kid should not have to feel pressure from her first official boyfriend to save money. 

Now I know that after all, we were each other’s training wheels. Much like those on a bike, we helped each other work through the ups and downs of high school, learning about each other and what it’s like to have a significant other who is also a best friend. Would I trade any of it for something else or some other experience? Not at all, I just wish you had picked a different way of ending things than you did.

In the end, I hope she makes you happy.  Now I am just happy to be moving on and spending a new school year becoming the person I am meant to become.



– Me.


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