Operation: Health Code

Lately, I’ve been feeling.. well, let’s put it out there. fat. I hate that word. I want to ball it up and throw it in a corner. I could sit here and list all the things that have been bothering me about my body lately, but I’ll go a different more positive route.

Yes, I have done somethings to help me get in shape for exercising, such as the color run, Lifting weights every so often, sometimes trying to run… I feel like there needs to be.. well, more done. I was feeling really down and going through my pinterest boards, when I came across this inspiring college age blogger.  Her name is Katy and she blogs over at http://fit-personality.tumblr.com/ and I generally don’t use tumblr, but I felt like I had to keep reading all she has posted on her pages! Now, my goals are not the same as hers were, I don’t want to lose 30 pounds, I want to tone up and maybe lose five to ten so that I am at my healthiest. I was this inspired to create my own notebook of moral support, healthy tips, and schedules, routines to get to a crazy set of goals I have yet to come up with. Support is a must, for whenever I try to work out I feel silly doing it. Yet as I type this post I am enjoying the feeling of soreness in my arms. My current work out includes:

  • two 8lb weights
  • tennis shoes
  • my favorite beauty gurus on youtube
  • some determination

I currently do 3 reps of 15 lifts with the weights and some stretches, but I wish to do more. I hope to tone my legs, tummy and arms so that I can be fit and run without feeling icy cold in my chest from Asthma. So, that’s where this baby comes in:


A notebook I created for myself in order to stay motivated. I haven’t filled out much of it yet, but I have made up a beginning motivational page:


(pardon any language, these are all quotes. I try to keep my personal language classy..)

So far I feel like I have a good plan going. I can find ways to work out every day yet still get everything else in my life done that I need to. Hopefully some day I will be at the workout goal I hope to be at. I find myself longing to eat healthy, yet still unwilling to give up things like puppy chow and french fries. Perhaps someday I will get there. I am already half way there in my mind. About three months ago I gave up soda, as well as started eating salads everyday. I also love veggies. That is a must have on my list of foods to eat. I think that eating healthy is a must and will be hard to do at a school dorm cafeteria, but I will try! Follow along on this years journey with me as I try college dorm life, one more time!




Leave some of your own words of wisdom and other findings...

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