Some Days

       Some days go by so quickly and others seem to drag on and on. As I watch the rain fall just outside my bedroom window, I ponder what in my mind ( or perhaps in society’s mind) constitutes a good day or a bad day. Now there are the obvious things that create the image of good or bad: death, illness, tragedy, But on a day like today where there is nothing necessarily “bad” in it, how can I say it is bad? I’m in a great place, with friends and family. I am loved by everyone around me and have access to food and water, along with a roof over my head, yet there are still days I consider “bad”.  I don’t think today is bad because the rain is tapping against my window or the lunch I had at one of my school’s cafeterias was not tasty. It’s the overwhelming feeling of sadness that came to me this morning. An undeniable, persistent feeling that I was not good enough for the world today. 

   A phone call home to my mother later reveals that there is no reason or rationale behind my feelings and thoughts of being lonely. It just is. and that is what I try to remember as I write to you now. It is just a feeling that will go away and I have to remember all of my reasons for being content and happy with my life.

  I think one of the things people often forget is how even though we may be one of the luckiest people in the world, we all get sad. So today, my friend, I encourage you to give a smile, a compliment, or a hug to someone you just happen to see walking down the street. Because in the end… it  makes a world of difference. 


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