Operation Health Code: updates

Remember when I said my goal was to become a healthier person all around? Here is an update.

I suppose when you think of becoming healthy, you would think of exercise and food only right? Well, My operation health code consists of more than that. It’s of my emotional, mental and physical health. I have become such a happy person in the last few months through learning and growing. Now, a college campus cafeteria can only do so much for you when it comes to eating healthy. I actually have had an experience with being dehydrated and that is not enjoyable. Therefore, lately, I have been drinking water like it is my job. Which has actually not only helped me stay hydrated, but helped my skin stay clear and lovely, given me energy and kept me away from sugary drinks such as soda! (WHAT?! You live in Michigan and you say SODA?!, Yes, Yes I do :])  Now, not only have I been chugging water, I have also been making sure I am getting enough sleep and rest. Which also helps my skin, and keeping my eyes bright. As far as food go, veggies have ALWAYS been a staple in my life. I try to eat a spinach salad everyday from our salad bar in my cafeteria, which includes: 

  • spinach
  • shredded cheese (not too much)
  • kidney or pinto beans
  • cherry tomatoes
  • baby corn
  • peas
  • carrots (if shredded)
  • red peppers
  • cashews or walnuts (not super healthy, but they have protein!)

Going on with the topic of food, I make sure my body gets enough food. If I am hungry, I eat. Especially breakfast! I try to make it downstairs to have Yo-plait strawberry yogurt with Nature Valley Brand granola or a banana! Breakfast is so unbelievably important and I never used to eat it in high school! Now I know that whenever I have time to eat during the day, I am going to eat. 

 Lately, I’ve  been wanting clear and healthy skin. I have been to my dermatologist to help me create a routine that works for me personally (therefore I can not tell you what will work for you!) I use my acne medicine, along with face wash from Cetaphil (mine is the purple!), then I also use the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, which has truly worked wonders for my face. 

Working out has never been something that was a MUST DO on my agenda and no matter how hard I try, I can’t keep a routine. Instead, I find myself more willing to walk all over campus whenever I can! Which counts, right? Not only that, but I also do Yoga once a week with a new friend from my hall. I can not describe to you how amazing yoga is. It helps with posture, relaxing, balance and more! I definitely suggest you try it out and look for yoga classes in your area! If you’re on a college campus, I bet you have some for free! Take advantage of the free things while you can!

So that is my update for now, if you enjoy a certain exercise or food or anything health related make sure to comment below!



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