An updated look into the life of chelle…

Since November 5th of this month, my life seems to have gone from simple to the most hectic roller coaster I have ever been on. Between mental breakdowns, Initiation into my sorority and keeping up with the Kardashians, I can not begin to explain how much of a relief this Thanksgiving is going to be DESPITE the fact that I will be working. 006

Let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start. The week of November 5th was filled with making sure that all of my paperwork was in to my boss, a very hectic work meeting and getting to know my co-workers and preparing myself for initiation week. There was NO hazing what-so-ever. Preparation in this context means making sure all studying is complete on time so I can have a a flexible schedule.

My last meeting as a pledge of my sorority was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for the week to have been more fun. The 11th of November held in store for me an exam, a paper due and a surprise at the house. The paper on Starbucks went smoothly and was a joy to write while the exam was… well, not so enjoyable. The next day (Tuesday) I spent the morning in a stats exam and running late to my lab. LUCKILY, my TA (teacher’s assistant, who runs the lab course) took all of my assignments. He is so nice. I wish I could describe to you all how funny he is! Wednesday was an amazing day. My pledge class decided to have a sleepover to celebrate being us and having fun together. I stayed up late singing “song charades” and eating pizza in a cup… I’ve never had more fun. 050


Finally that Thursday, I became an official member of my sorority and I couldn’t be happier!  I also had my first semi-formal with a blind date and had an amazing time! Looked pretty spiffy If I say so myself. 061It was so nice to meet a guy who isn’t interesting in hooking up if I wasn’t. I am not interested in that. This next week flew by as I started my first few days of working for BCBG and celebrating my sister’s sweet sixteen and spent the day at the house with my mom at a special mom’s day brunch. 070

This last weekend was lovely. I finally had a chance to sleep in today. Of course, I saw the Catching Fire premiere on Thursday and spent the weekend celebrating random things with family and sisters. 087099093


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