WANTED: A gentleman

       Lately, since the holiday season has begun, I find myself wishing to find someone who makes me feel the way I did all through high school, yet with a healthier relationship. I found it ironic that as I began thinking about all of these things, three articles from blogs surfaced and caught my eye. The first one I read by James Michael Sama (http://jamesmsama.wordpress.com/2013/11/06/10-ways-to-know-youre-dating-a-real-man/) “10 Ways to Know You’re Dating A True Gentleman”, really got me thinking. He begins with some obvious ways, for example, a gentleman will not value just your looks and will not be intimidated by your success, then led into some that struck gold in my mind. I look back at a previous relationship and realize that the fact that we spent all of our time together and that our interests were very similar was not good. The fact that he couldn’t give me straight answers, even when he was breaking up with me was another sign. Even though yes, he “trusted” me and gave me “respect”, the relationship was still not ideal. 

       James also has another post that was linked within the one mentioned above (http://jamesmsama.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/the-difference-between-a-bad-boy-and-a-jerk/) and I realized that the guys I had been drawn to since becoming single, haven’t been the best guys in the world. I met a guy and invested my time into someone who just wanted the copy of the next exam from a class and was willing to call me names on the phone in anger. That’s not something I can take. I can NOT allow myself to be enamored with someone with the qualities of, like Jame’s says, a jerk. Then I find myself making excuses for this guy.

“Oh, he is just a stupid freshman”

“He doesn’t know how to treat people because he is so young”


None of these excuses are okay and as I read this article (http://justmytype.ca/11-differences-between-dating-a-boy-vs-a-man/) I realized that I just need to be patient. The right person will come along at sometime and I can’t just settle for someone who is willing to treat me like crap just because he is nice or actually interested. I have to think of myself and who will be right for me. 

The last article I came upon actually made me smile, but also told made me realize exactly who I am waiting for. Disney blogs posted about what “Your Favorite Disney Prince Says About You” (http://blogs.disney.com/oh-my-disney/2013/05/19/what-your-favorite-disney-prince-says-about-you/?cmp=SMC%7Cblgomd%7COMD-December%7CFB%7CPrince-Cinderella%7CInHouse%7C121913%7CRepost%7C%7Cesocialmedia%7C%7C%7C) and noticed that I want the package deal. Someone who is attractive to me because of their personality, wit and intelligence, and can make me laugh while at the same time has morals, makes me want to be a better person and overall treats me well. 

  I hope you take a moment to read each of these posts for yourself and remember how much you are worth.


Happy Holidays!





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