2014: The Year of Happiness.

Hello and happy new year! I am writing to you from my house after finally getting the internet back. Yes, that’s right. I was involved in the ice storm of 2013 in Michigan which completely cut my power.. including my  connection to all of you. I hope the holiday season treated you well and now I think the time has come to start a new routine. Personally, I find that I am drawn to losing a few pounds to get toned, and creating a healthy diet.. (after I finish all my christmas candy that is..)

So here it is. Sweet and to the point, my tailored list of resolutions for the new year. Did you make a resolution? If so, post it to me!

  • take a fitness class (helloooo YOGA!)
  • drink more water!
  • 4.0 all my classes
  • blog more! (atleast three times a week)
  • get toned for spring break! (seriously though…)
  • read more!

One thing that I find always seems to get in the way of my day is thinking negative thoughts or speaking in a negative way. Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a change in myself and the way I am perceiving people and their actions around me. Do their negative attitudes affect me? or Am I affecting them? I noticed that when I begin to think something negative such as for example, a problem that has been getting me down lately is how I have gained weight this holiday season. For someone who could go through high school eating whatever she wants, it definitely hit me that I.. well. Can’t do that anymore. I have begun to say to myself ” no, I won’t go there today” and the matter is dropped and my mood lightens. I have adopted a philosophy of “life is short, don’t worry so much”



Leave some of your own words of wisdom and other findings...

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