To Tell a Stranger

      Sometimes, I think the hardest thing to do is tell your innermost thoughts and secrets to someone you know. I find that the compelling arguments inside my head for why things are the way they are is easiest when talking to a stranger. Today, on my one year anniversary with Simply Michelle Raven and WordPress, I noticed so many changes. I am hesitant to go back through my posts and see how much I actually have changed, grown and matured over the last year. 

     I went from being this happy high school student, with luck in the palm of her hand. I had everything, or so it seems. I had the guy, the leads, the grades, even the friend group I had always wanted. Naturally it would seem that life was taken for granted and as I left home for the great world known as “college”  I found that everything I had once cherished, was rapidly changing. 

   Slowly, piecing my life back together and finding out there are more important things than what the people I left behind are thinking. There are more important aspects to life than the what the next big “party is” or a bad grade on a paper.  It’s a momentous feeling to realize you are free from the emotional burdens that once plagued the mind. 

I suppose the message behind this is … I am okay and life is good. Yeah. Life is good. 






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