The Joys of winter

I find that since I am so anxious for spring break… And spring, that I should make a list to remind myself why winter is so wonderful!

ice skating: The sport where you glide on ice and think you look serene until you fall and get bruises everywhere.
Hot chocolate: alright, if you know anything about me, I will take any reason I can get to grab a biggby Cocoa Carmella. So this isn’t just a winter thing for me, but hey, why not put it on the list!
fireplaces : the best moments are in front of the fireplace with a tree sparkling behind you, a book in your hands and a puppy in your lap.
Snow : I love snow, I really do. Until it’s four feet high and I have to walk to class in it. But the look of untouched snow sparking like a Twilight character is so serene and magical.
Day Light Savings : as a college kid, I ADORE the extra hour of sleep and am absolutely dreading the time change in this upcoming March.


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