Frustrating Professors and What to Learn

       This year, I’ve had wonderful professors. However, there were a few in particular that were rude, stubborn and all around unhelpful to me or the class overall. I have a “sassy” professor who enjoys complaining about her job and states daily in a sarcastic tone how she “loves her job” and gets “paid so much money.” The same professor made fun of school shootings and brought up the campus police department page to make fun of how they advice staff and students to react in this situation. She enjoyed making fun of rape in the stories we read and had a “dead baby day” designated for the class. My friend and I would sit there uncomfortably every  Tuesday and Thursday, hoping she wouldn’t direct her snarky comments to one of us. 

Another professor decided that she was going to make my life hell because I missed a deadline on a peer review assignment. She has changed the final paper due date twice and gives me different answers.Image 

The email above was sent on the 23rd of April. The one below was sent on the 28th. 


 She declared that because my email never went through, that I did not attempt to contact her “at least 48 hours” before the paper was due. She also told my class that she wouldn’t grade certain papers well if she did not find them interesting. She loved the students who were always right and couldn’t stand other opinions that weren’t her own . This professor never remembered my name and consistently handed back pop quiz papers to me that were not mine. She would tear apart my writing and tell me they were not good essays through the online turnitin tool we used. I’ve been so focused on whether or not this is true, that I haven’t been blogging as much and have devoted my time to my essays that she deems “not good” or “wrong” because they are not her opinion. 

In spite of these setbacks, I turned in my final paper and I am awaiting the final exam for the other class. I decided that (and with a long phone call to my mother) that these professors had personal issues to deal with if they are treating students badly. The question is..  how far can professors go until they are too rude?

I can’t imagine the world without unhappy people, but do they have to take it out on students? I am paying over 20k a year to go to this school. Doesn’t this mean that i should be treated with respect? Where does one go to get support on these things? I am not sure and I wish I had answers for anyone else who is in the same situation. What have I learned through all this? That this isn’t the end of the world. I am still doing well in the classes and in twenty years it won’t matter what grade I received on my research paper my sophomore year of college or what a certain professor said. I shouldn’t let it get my confidence down and next time I will know how to handle it better. 

I hope none of you have ever had to deal with a professor like this, and I hope you all do well on finals! Happy (almost) Summer!!


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