Formal and Other Sorority Things

As the school year comes to a close, I find that there are too many things to do. I’ll be working a full time job with kids again this summer as well as a part time job with BCBG still. Not to mention my blog and my writing position for The Odyssey! With all that aside, there are a few things that I have been doing in my free time besides the usual school and work. First off, let’s begin with where I really left off:

The month of March was super busy! Besides spring break the first week, I had 3 papers within one week as well as a group project. St.Patties day unfortunately was not very eventful for me. But then I had Big/Little week for my own little! She is a wonderful ray of sunshine and means the world to me. A year ago, I never imagined I would have such close friends as these!


Every day that week I made her a basket of goodies much like this one. Then on the actual day of reveal we celebrated at olive garden with the entire fam! Image



The following week was busy with exams and the long but wonderful Relay for Life. My team raised over 28,000 for Relay! I stayed up all night raising money and walking, supporting people with cancer. ImageImage

It was a long night, but so worth it in the end to know that I was helping find a cure for a disease that has affected my family in very personal ways!

Finally, April arrived. You could say March came in and went out like a lion. I don’t remember March being so quick! That first week I had three papers due and an exam! The following week however was Greek Week! Greek Week is a week where everyone that is part of the Panhellenic community gets together in teams to raise awareness and raise money for a philanthropy! This years cause was Relay For Life, which is very important to my sorority. We won first place overall for Greek Week and raised the most money for Relay. There are three essential nights to greek week and one is a motivational speaker, the next two involve dancing. It was one of the best experiences of my life! ImageImageImage


The following weekend was formal! I had the hardest time finding a dress and naturally, I bought a BCBG dress. My friend Ben went with me and I can honestly say that I haven’t had a more fun date for a dance. We even got to go bowling at the venue, and the food (chicken, mashed potatoes, etc) was fantastic! I couldn’t have asked for a better night. We even got late night pizza and I seem to have an obsession with pizza this semester. Image Image

Soon it was time for initiating my little, celebrations of Easter and preparing for final exams and papers. Now here we are during my last week at State and I can’t believe this year is coming to an end. So as I look into the next month and see the empty calendar squares, I find myself not only sad, but scared for what working two (three if you count The Odyssey) jobs will bring. 


So here’s to summer and the memories I’m making. Hey, let’s live while we’re young, right? 


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