Finding The Peace in You: A Search for the perfect Yoga Class

Since school ended, I have been missing my weekly yoga sessions and find that my back has been so much more sore or tender. To get my body out of this funk, I have been trying a few new things. Stretching every morning is the first one, but I have been looking and searching for nearby yoga studios as well. Is there a certain type of yoga that you like? I know that Hot Yoga and I would not mix well because of my asthma, but looking at all of these classes and studios, THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS. I have my own mat, gripping gloves and mat carrier that I feel like are going to waste and getting dust on them since school got out! I will keep you all updated on what I find 🙂 If you have any suggestions please post below!


Leave some of your own words of wisdom and other findings...

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