My Agenda and Organization

Some people have asked me about the agenda I keep to stay organized from previous posts. I decided to post this to help and hopefully I can give you some of the same tips that I use now to keep you in order and stress free! 🙂 To begin with, as I mentioned in my post about anxiety, I currently use the 2014 Vera Bradley Student Agenda in Plum Crazy:Image(

To begin with, I found it easiest to write using multiple colors for each item. I currently separate each class, my sorority items, work and general by different colors. you open up the planner and the first page is a bunch of fun and colorful stickers! I use this to mark special days or pay days so I know when it happened if I go back. There are pockets in the front and back, I put my sticky notes there for future use 🙂


Then I use the monthly view to mark off the days, write down big events and keep track of work and such. It is nice to have a larger monthly overview of what is going on so I can keep everything organized. As you can see, I worked frequently this past May! I also use my vera bradley binder clips in a shade that is no longer made, but it allows me to flip right to this page! You can get this binder clips here: For the weekly view, I love using multiple colors and highlighters. For my one class, I use blue for readings and purple to cover when I work. to keep track of the book chapters I should be reading I use sticky notes so I don’t clutter up the boxes, since there are no specific due dates for my class this summer.


I also submitted what a fall or spring semester week would look like. On the days I have class, I would use each specific color to mark each class or event. So I have my three classes and football games in a separate color. I also have a sticky note that says where and when the classes are so that I can move that from week to week. Image

Finally here is the key for each class color and how I remember what color is what. Usually I write just the subject in a color then use black pen to write in my assignments! Hope this helps!Image


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