A Simple Summer Salad

My obsession  with getting healthy may have taken a pause while I finished up this semester, but now that I am at home there is no reason to not be healthy! Today for lunch, I decided to make a big salad to quench my hunger and help my body!

To recreate this salad you will need:

Makes One (large) Serving 

1 c. Baby Spinach

1 Tablespoon Dressing (your choice, I chose Gardini’s Asian Sesame)

2-3 sweet peppers cut to your choice

1/2 celery stalk

handful cherry tomatoes cut in half


To start with, take your bowl and put in your washed and dried spinach. I used a baby spinach that was pre-washed. IMG_7014

Then chop up your veggies as desired and cheese if you wish ( I LOVE cheese)IMG_9342, and mix together in your bowl. Then add dressing and eat! So SIMPLE and EASY.   IMG_3737 copy Enjoy!



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