Shopaholic Problems

As I begin to save money to make my way across the pond for my study abroad, I am finding it much harder than anticipated! I keep getting emails from my favorite sites, or blogs that say two magical words in the shopaholic world.


“I do not want to shop” are words that should be coming out of my mouth as I view these emails, however, my hands have a mind of their own and the mouse just so happens to click the big, colorful button that says SHOP NOW! So, in an effort to encourage myself to not online shop, I made a small, but plentiful list of things to do instead of shopping. Here goes nothing.

  • Blogging to all my wonderful readers. This task is fun, time consuming and FREE!! Hopefully, instead of hitting BUY THIS NOW I will be clicking PUBLISH POST.
  • Exercise. The goal of every American College girl, right? Bonus: with access to youtube and such, exercise is essentially free and easy to get to no matter what!
  • Working. that way I am EARNING money instead of SPENDING it. Good deal… right?
  • Read. As in pick up a book from the library or one of the many unread ones left on my bookshelf. I do love reading.
  • Volunteer with the Humane Society. (okay, this one costs 20 dollars up front but, hey PUPPIES!!)
  • Take a walk. Remember how I mentioned exercise?
  • Window Shop. You’ll still get the amazing shopaholic high. Right? No? Oh.
  • Clean everything in sight until it shines like the top of the Chrysler building.
  • focus on that summer class you just had to take.   it’s summer, who am I kidding?!
  • Head over to a park and lay around, play volleyball, just be (does gas money count in this not spending thing?)
  • I’m out of ideas. If you have any, please post below!

For all you other shopaholics out there, maybe this short, yet full list will help you curb that addiction, one activity at a time.


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