Warby Parker: A Review!

It’s been almost three months since I bought myself a new pair of glasses and let me tell you. I fell in love with them! The Warby Parker brand and service is AMAZING. They have fantastic customer service and adorable, fashionable frames that look great. 



What is even more amazing about this brand is that they allow you to order 5 pairs to try FOR FREE! Then you return the five pairs a week later and tell them which frames you want. They will even call your eye doctor for you! When my lenses came in and I have a problem with the adjustment on my face, they offered to remake my glasses for me free of charge. How amazing is that? I wanted to share this amazing company with all of you because I am floored by how wonderful it is. My frames and lenses only cost me $95 total! Now I can feel stylish in my glasses and not worry about the price! I think my favorite part though is the fact that they give a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair purchased!I encourage you all to go check their new summer line out for yourself and see what you can find! Click the title post to visit or click visit!


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