Special K: protein shake review!

As part of a new healthy “diet” that I have been trying (PLEASE NOTE: I am not on a “diet diet”. I am using the word diet to reference the typical food I eat on a daily basis to be healthy!), I have been drinking Special K Protein Shakes to help get more protein in my life. I have found that while using this product, I am more likely to drink one for breakfast, as opposed to not having any breakfast at all! I also found that this shake gave me more energy and kept me full until I got to eat lunch or in the case of this summer, snack time while working with kids. I have even found that sometimes, I can’t finish the whole shake, because it fills me up quickly!

I have found four flavors in my local Kroger store: dark chocolate, vanilla, and milk chocolate as well as strawberry. I did not buy the strawberry because at the time, buying three cases of four cost me about twenty dollars. Which for a first time protein shake buyer, is kinda expensive. However, I found my favorite flavor by far is milk chocolate and I have found that ALL of the flavors taste best when coming straight from the refrigerator.

I have found that I have toned up a little bit since using this product, but I am unsure if that is because of this exactly.. so let me know what you think!


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