Where Did June Go?

June seems to have flown by way too quickly! Between two jobs, this blog, my weekly articles and a class, my social life seems to have been put on pause. Then again, working with kids is a whole experience all together and it brings back a different kind of social life, one where life is still pure and there aren’t evils in the world.

Overall, this month seemed to have gone well. I started a workout routine as well as a blog calendar to keep my posts going up on time. I pre-ordered a lilly Pulitzer Agenda ( arrives MONDAY!!!) and got free pens in the process. I find myself counting down the days until I go back to school, Gamma Phi and working only one job, making more money to go to LONDON!

Well, my class is over, and now I am down to just the two jobs taking up my day to day life, I finally have a day off on Monday meaning that I get to spend the day scheduling posts for you lovely people. Please let me know if there is anything you are dying to hear about from me. I have a Graze Box, a new Ipsy Glam bag coming in the mail next month as well as some items from Sephora (including the new Benefit push up eye liner!!) and my Lilly items 🙂 I can’t wait! To keep me going until everything arrives in the mail, I decided to make a list of the best things that happened in June. Happy Friday!! 🙂


  1. The New Kate Spade Book is absolutely lovely.
  2. I received my acceptance letter to my study abroad in LONDON!
  3. I FINALLY got on the Ipsy Glam Bag list 🙂
  4. I got to work with kids all day, 5 days a week 🙂
  5. FinAlly cAught up on Pretty Little LiArs
  6. Worked at the Young Authors Conference for my school


Tell me some of the things you did in June that were amazing!


I can’t wait for July and Happy weekend 🙂


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