People Watching as a Lesson

There are some people in this world who base their happiness on simply purchasing an item from Lilly Pulitzer whenever they can. Others, try to claim they have true happiness, but really are twisted inside and then there are people who truly are happy. What defines happiness? Lately I have been seeing examples of extreme negativity and rudeness from people who are strangers to one another. It makes me long for the innocence of youth ( much like William Blake’s poem collections of Innocence and Experience) and not knowing the bad in the world.

In the recent weeks, it has just been amazing the amount of people who don’t seem to care or more accurately notice that their actions affect others. I had a woman come in the other day who was mad at me for asking her how her day was going. While I was able to blow off her bad mood and not focus on it, my other customers did notice and I could feel the air in my shop changing. Watching people interacting with others, you can see so much. A co-worker decided that she was going to be grouchy instead of teaching someone to do something that is simple.

I suppose what I am going for, is that you can learn so much from others. I’ve learned patience is key and you never know what is going on in someone else’s life. Even if they treat me with disrespect, I have to respect them and not take any anger out on them. Maybe the karma will add up for me someday, maybe it won’t. The important part is that I show kindness to people, even if they do not show kindness to me, maybe it could change their day or even philosophy of life.


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