Graze Box #2!

I received my second Graze box in the mail last week and I took more pictures! I am so excited for this post to go live because of the photos I managed to not delete. 🙂 

IMG_7481  IMG_7480

I was so excited to have received four new snacks from Graze. The box look is the same as my first one, including the layout of the pamphlet.Which includes my code for your first and fifth box free! Click here to try it out today! 


The first snack I tried this week was the apple and cinnamon flapjack, which was fantastic! There was an equal mix of both flavors in such a filling snack. I really did not think I would enjoy the flapjack items but in fact I LOVE them! One of my favorite aspects of the box. The next item is the Toffee Apple, which is Granny Smith Apple Slices dried with lemon juice to dip in toffee. At first I was not expecting the apple slices to be soft, so I looked it up on the website, and indeed the apple slices are soft! Then as I kept eating, I got used to it and liked it! Not a favorite, but definitely tasty. Finally the last two are Cracking Black Pepper Cashews, which I am not a huge pepper fan, but it was alright and gave me some energy, and then Herby Bread Basket, which I love! It includes some of my favorite flavors from last weeks box!! Let me know your favorite Graze snack below and tell me if you try it out!

IMG_7485 IMG_7483 IMG_7482  IMG_7484


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