College 101: Back To School Essentials

back 2 school
With the start of school quickly approaching, I find myself more and more drawn to the cute things every college kid needs for school. As I thought of my own “essentials” or things I couldn’t live without, I managed to come up with things that I should or wished I had for school as well.
Naturally, not everyone can afford the brand in the collage above, but anything like it will do! To start with, I put up a picture of my own backpack (which I love!) I had wanted a Vera Bradley backpack since high school and when I finally purchased it, I was estatic! The one I have is called the Campus Backpack in Portabello Road (which is the same as the laptop case print!) You can find these on the Vera Bradley website in so many cute patterns! Keep reading to find out how you can win the laptop case in the same print!
My Lilly Pulitzer agenda (pictured here in Peelin’ Out) is my absolute, number 1 must have for the school year. I use this agenda everyday and even when I have switched to another kind, I always go back to Lilly. The set up of this agenda is absolutely amazing, but you can find any agenda that will work to keep yourself organized!
I don’t know about all of you guys, but I always get super thirsty during class. Sometimes, I carry a travel coffee mug (like the Lilly one pictured above!) or a tumbler, this Kate Spade one looks huge! The tumbler I use is my monogramed one (which you can find all my monogrammed items and their etsy shops here .
Another rather obvious must have for me are notebooks! The Kate Spade ones above are definitely on my wish list, but I always go for the .89 cent ones from Target. Going along with the theme of school supplies, I added a Kindle and a book to the picture because obviously you have textbooks at school! For me personally, my english major requires a lot of fiction lit, so this especially applies.
Some essentials I keep in my back on a day to day basis are headphones for waiting between classes and chapstick. I can not stand having chapped lips, it drives me absolutely insane! I love the chapstick brand of lip balm, always have. I also keep a wallet with a phone case (Lilly shown above), a lanyard for my keys (Vera Bradley shown above) and a watch on my wrist so I don’t need my phone during class. The less distraction the better!!
As far as dressing for class goes, I usually try to be comfortable and save my dressier clothing for my non-class days. However, a few things are always with me. I usually wear my pearl earrings. They are simple, classy and can go with just about anything. I also wear my glasses often, because contacts can be a pain when getting ready to go quickly! The ones above look almost exactly like mine and are from Warby Parker. You can read my review of this company here. I also think a cute phone case is a must, so that when you’re in a public place, you know which phone is yours with your cute monogram. 🙂
Finally, my last back to school essential is a cute manicure. Whether you diy it or go into a professional, it helps me feel confident on the first day of classes!
So, now for the exciting part of this post! In honor of one of my favorite times (back to school shopping), I am hosting my first giveaway! The winner (announced on August 21st) will receive a Vera Bradley Laptop case in Portobello road as well as a few school essentials every one needs at some point or another! I am so unbelievably excited for this, however, there are a few rules.
1. you must be eighteen or older
2. must live in the United States (Sorry!)
3. Must complete at least One activity stated on the rafflecopter widget!

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored in any way and was purchased by me.

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Kate Spade’s New Book and other thoughts

Naturally, I did some shopping with a gift card and found myself drooling over the cover of the new Kate Spade book : Things We Love , and as I look through the pages I am realizing it WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT! Each glossy page is filled with colorful pictures and cute sayings that make me realize that YES, I LOVE THESE THINGS TOO! I don’t want to give too much detail on the contents of this book, but if you are a fashionista, or Kate Spade fan, then I suggest you go take a look at the beauty that has been bound into print. To celebrate this new found guilty pleasure of mine, I decided to tell you all 10 things that I love lately.

10 things Simply Michelle Raven Loves:

  1. Books: It’s so easy to just pick up a book and get engulfed into a story line. Not to mention that unless you’re reading a textbook or something, it doesn’t take much thought. I’ve always said that the best books make me feel great emotions while reading them, even if they make me cry.   Especially, if they make me cry. If you’re looking for an awesome book check out my post on 50 Books to read before graduation, which I posted as an article for The Odyssey!

  2. Online Shopping: I could do this forever and forever! Every time I turn around, I find some new treasure, including the Kate Spade book mentioned above! If you want to hear more on my shopaholic problems, go read my article Shopaholic’s Point of View. or a previous post on shopaholic problems!

  3. Youtube: Can you imagine being someone that people dream of meeting or being… all because of a job they do from home? I can’t. I honestly wish I had the means to make Youtube videos, because I know it would be so much fun! I really haven’t posted about Youtube too often, but some of my favorites are Sarah Belle, Meghan Rosette and BeautyBaby44. To see everything that I watch and love, head over to my own channel! 

  4. Influenster: If you haven’t heard about this program, then what are you doing with your life? (Just kidding… 🙂 ) But actually. This is a FREE (really, it doesn’t cost a thing) program that allows you to take quizzes, rate items (such as face wash or a granola bar) and these items get you points for FREE boxes! Who wouldn’t love that? I have a few posts about influenster.. you can just check out the category here! Or if you really wanna check it out go to the site itself! 

  5. MONOGRAMS MONOGRAMS MONOGRAMS!!: Do I actually need to explain this? I have a problem. Monograms are adorable, come in some many different ways, shapes and forms, PLUS on Etsy you can find so many for cheap! I’ve monogramed my camelbak, my kindle, iphone and even my car for so cheap. I can’t wait for them to all come in the mail. (No worries, I’ll do a post on that too! 🙂

  6. Etsy: As I mentioned above, Etsy has been my number one go to for monograms lately, but not only that, they SAVED my butt during Big/Little Week. Have you seen the adorable matching necklaces that I bought my Little?! Go check out my instagram to keep updated on all the Big/Little/Gamma Phi Beta adventures!

  7. London: As you may have been able to tell, unless you’re new to this blog (If so, then HI, I’m Michelle!!) I am going to LONDON next summer and couldn’t be more excited. Be sure to stay updated on my road to getting there and then the actual trip! I’ll be posting more in the future 🙂 For now, if you have a chance, go see my fundraising site!

  8. My English Major!: This last semester, I switched from Hospitality to English and found out that it was the best decision I could have ever made! If you have any questions about the major, please ask. I read so many great books this last semester that I never would have had the chance to read if not for my classes!

  9. Summer: This is seriously probably on every college aged girl’s list, but I seriously love summer. The sunshine and warmth bring me happiness. If you don’t understand then watch this youtube video of Olaf the snowman and you will understand. 

  10. My last but certainly not least item on my list of things I love, is my blog and it’s readers. I hit over 350 subscribers a few days ago and I could not believe it! I am so blessed to have so many loyal readers and the support that I do! I couldn’t have done it without you!! 🙂