Latest Obsessions: Monograms!

Lately, I have become super obsessed with my monogram. I have ordered so many things off etsy that are monogram, and I should totally NOT be ordering things online when I am trying to save money, but these were all so cute, that I could not resist! The first one that started the trend was a monogram for my laptop, because why not?

I now (courtesy of various etsy shops) have accumulated a nice little collection. Besides, if you didn’t monogram it, is it really yours?
IMG_0729To start of with, I bought a simple gold monogrammed necklace for recruitment this year and let me tell you, I did not want to spend millions of dollars on this necklace. Instead a got a cheap one from etsy and it actually turned out nice! This one is from Vitobravo1 on etsy¬†and there is a direct link to the necklace I purchased. While the material is very thin, it works for my purpose and didn’t cost me 160 dollars.


For a while I had been dying to buy a Lilly Pulitzer print monogram sticker to put anywhere. I haven’t put it on anything yet, I am saving it for something special. The print on this one is PERFECT however and it would fit my iphone if that is indeed what I wanted to do. I bought this one from CustomMonogramDecals on Etsy. I haven’t taken the contact paper off because I am unsure of where it should go! ūüôā

I also bought a mini gold monogram for my kindle case and it is beautiful! From LeBoutiquebyLE came this adorable mini monogram meant for an iphone charger, I will probably order another it is so beautiful!


Two items I have been using NONSTOP are my tumbler and my camelbak that I monogrammed. The tumbler is adorable with a bow that I bought from CBJMonograms and it shipped super quickly! My camelbak took FOREVER to ship but I finally received it this last week from SouthernSassGCU. The bows are so girly and cute! I am officially obsessed.


Monogramsandmore2 is where I bought the monogram on my laptop, and my first official monogram! It has held up well and I love it but I wish the color had been different.

Last, but not least, I bought a monogram from my car (so cute!) from MyMonogramHeaven¬†and finally washed my car to put it on. It is absolutely adorable and I totally recommend it. It makes me feel so girly. I haven’t included a photo of this because it is currently dark outside, which does not exactly work well for pictures.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did and let me know if you have any awesome monogrammed items or sites!!