Study Abroad Questions

So, while I have been preparing for study abroad, I have found that many questions pop up. I decided that I would share these questions and ask that if you have any suggestions or answers please comment below! Later, when I come back from study abroad I will answer my opinions on these questions for all of you future study abroad participants to read and utilize!!


1. Should I buy a converter and a hair dryer to take?

2.  Should I take my iphone to use over wi-fi or just buy a international phone from verizon?

3. What do I do about bedding?

4. Will I have free time to hang out and explore?

5.How much money do I need?

6. How far in advance should I fly out?

7. What should I bring?

8. what should I do before I leave Europe?

9. Is a DSL camera worth it or will my digital work?


Let me know any comments or other questions I should answer for when I come back! 🙂