Study Abroad Questions

So, while I have been preparing for study abroad, I have found that many questions pop up. I decided that I would share these questions and ask that if you have any suggestions or answers please comment below! Later, when I come back from study abroad I will answer my opinions on these questions for all of you future study abroad participants to read and utilize!!


1. Should I buy a converter and a hair dryer to take?

2.  Should I take my iphone to use over wi-fi or just buy a international phone from verizon?

3. What do I do about bedding?

4. Will I have free time to hang out and explore?

5.How much money do I need?

6. How far in advance should I fly out?

7. What should I bring?

8. what should I do before I leave Europe?

9. Is a DSL camera worth it or will my digital work?


Let me know any comments or other questions I should answer for when I come back! 🙂


Kate Spade’s New Book and other thoughts

Naturally, I did some shopping with a gift card and found myself drooling over the cover of the new Kate Spade book : Things We Love , and as I look through the pages I am realizing it WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT! Each glossy page is filled with colorful pictures and cute sayings that make me realize that YES, I LOVE THESE THINGS TOO! I don’t want to give too much detail on the contents of this book, but if you are a fashionista, or Kate Spade fan, then I suggest you go take a look at the beauty that has been bound into print. To celebrate this new found guilty pleasure of mine, I decided to tell you all 10 things that I love lately.

10 things Simply Michelle Raven Loves:

  1. Books: It’s so easy to just pick up a book and get engulfed into a story line. Not to mention that unless you’re reading a textbook or something, it doesn’t take much thought. I’ve always said that the best books make me feel great emotions while reading them, even if they make me cry.   Especially, if they make me cry. If you’re looking for an awesome book check out my post on 50 Books to read before graduation, which I posted as an article for The Odyssey!

  2. Online Shopping: I could do this forever and forever! Every time I turn around, I find some new treasure, including the Kate Spade book mentioned above! If you want to hear more on my shopaholic problems, go read my article Shopaholic’s Point of View. or a previous post on shopaholic problems!

  3. Youtube: Can you imagine being someone that people dream of meeting or being… all because of a job they do from home? I can’t. I honestly wish I had the means to make Youtube videos, because I know it would be so much fun! I really haven’t posted about Youtube too often, but some of my favorites are Sarah Belle, Meghan Rosette and BeautyBaby44. To see everything that I watch and love, head over to my own channel! 

  4. Influenster: If you haven’t heard about this program, then what are you doing with your life? (Just kidding… 🙂 ) But actually. This is a FREE (really, it doesn’t cost a thing) program that allows you to take quizzes, rate items (such as face wash or a granola bar) and these items get you points for FREE boxes! Who wouldn’t love that? I have a few posts about influenster.. you can just check out the category here! Or if you really wanna check it out go to the site itself! 

  5. MONOGRAMS MONOGRAMS MONOGRAMS!!: Do I actually need to explain this? I have a problem. Monograms are adorable, come in some many different ways, shapes and forms, PLUS on Etsy you can find so many for cheap! I’ve monogramed my camelbak, my kindle, iphone and even my car for so cheap. I can’t wait for them to all come in the mail. (No worries, I’ll do a post on that too! 🙂

  6. Etsy: As I mentioned above, Etsy has been my number one go to for monograms lately, but not only that, they SAVED my butt during Big/Little Week. Have you seen the adorable matching necklaces that I bought my Little?! Go check out my instagram to keep updated on all the Big/Little/Gamma Phi Beta adventures!

  7. London: As you may have been able to tell, unless you’re new to this blog (If so, then HI, I’m Michelle!!) I am going to LONDON next summer and couldn’t be more excited. Be sure to stay updated on my road to getting there and then the actual trip! I’ll be posting more in the future 🙂 For now, if you have a chance, go see my fundraising site!

  8. My English Major!: This last semester, I switched from Hospitality to English and found out that it was the best decision I could have ever made! If you have any questions about the major, please ask. I read so many great books this last semester that I never would have had the chance to read if not for my classes!

  9. Summer: This is seriously probably on every college aged girl’s list, but I seriously love summer. The sunshine and warmth bring me happiness. If you don’t understand then watch this youtube video of Olaf the snowman and you will understand. 

  10. My last but certainly not least item on my list of things I love, is my blog and it’s readers. I hit over 350 subscribers a few days ago and I could not believe it! I am so blessed to have so many loyal readers and the support that I do! I couldn’t have done it without you!! 🙂


Shopaholic Problems

As I begin to save money to make my way across the pond for my study abroad, I am finding it much harder than anticipated! I keep getting emails from my favorite sites, or blogs that say two magical words in the shopaholic world.


“I do not want to shop” are words that should be coming out of my mouth as I view these emails, however, my hands have a mind of their own and the mouse just so happens to click the big, colorful button that says SHOP NOW! So, in an effort to encourage myself to not online shop, I made a small, but plentiful list of things to do instead of shopping. Here goes nothing.

  • Blogging to all my wonderful readers. This task is fun, time consuming and FREE!! Hopefully, instead of hitting BUY THIS NOW I will be clicking PUBLISH POST.
  • Exercise. The goal of every American College girl, right? Bonus: with access to youtube and such, exercise is essentially free and easy to get to no matter what!
  • Working. that way I am EARNING money instead of SPENDING it. Good deal… right?
  • Read. As in pick up a book from the library or one of the many unread ones left on my bookshelf. I do love reading.
  • Volunteer with the Humane Society. (okay, this one costs 20 dollars up front but, hey PUPPIES!!)
  • Take a walk. Remember how I mentioned exercise?
  • Window Shop. You’ll still get the amazing shopaholic high. Right? No? Oh.
  • Clean everything in sight until it shines like the top of the Chrysler building.
  • focus on that summer class you just had to take.   it’s summer, who am I kidding?!
  • Head over to a park and lay around, play volleyball, just be (does gas money count in this not spending thing?)
  • I’m out of ideas. If you have any, please post below!

For all you other shopaholics out there, maybe this short, yet full list will help you curb that addiction, one activity at a time.


This past week I was accepted to my study abroad program for London! I opened the email inside of a Younkers department store waiting for my friend to try on clothing. I can’t believe that in a little less than a year’s time I will be going to study literature in England! Stay tuned in for more posts as I create a London Bucket List,  a packing list, ways to raise money and more overall London excitement! I have a countdown along the left hand side bar. If you have any suggestions for London please comment below!! 🙂


London Study Abroad!

London Study Abroad!

Now that I have my acceptance letter, my next thoughts turn to raising the money to get over seas! I ask that you take a moment of your time to read my cause or donate whatever you can to help me study abroad this next summer! I am so excited to have this opportunity to learn more about our world and to take one step closer to being able to help others with this information! In london I will be studying literature and english, hopefully using this to my advantage and helping others learn english as well! Just click the link above to help out or leave a positive, supportive comment!

Finally Mostly Unpacked.. Mostly.

Finally, as I stare around my childhood bedroom with everything (mostly) unpacked from my first year at state, I find myself longing to repack it all and move back to MSU. I honestly miss everything about being away at school. They say these four years are some of the most exciting times and I have come to whole-heartedly agree with that. Already, even as I am catching my breath, I am two steps ahead of myself and starting to apply for study abroad trips. My next destination? Hopefully London. The program offered by my school would allow me to learn about the writers from London at that time and have weekends to go travel around Europe, but most specifically, back to my love: PARIS.  I can smell the fresh rain as I step off the metro and begin to hear the noise of the streets. I hope to experience the same feelings and excitement I did in Paris, but with a London perspective. While this trip would not be for another year, would I be Michelle if I didn’t start my planning already? Of course not. I’ve already started my pinterest board, and imagining myself there going to a nice place for dinner and drinking tea in the morning while reading a novel. I can’t imagine visiting the homes of famous authors and even getting to see some of the inspiration for Jane Austen’s work.  For now, however, I am off to my early shift at work.