Cat Calls And You – The Odyssey Online

Cat Calls And You – The Odyssey Online.

Have you ever done this? Or had it happen to you?


Great Expectations

No, I am not speaking of the book, but instead the expectations as women we are expected to fulfill. As I sit in my women’s literature class, we discuss the roles of women and how they relate to our image of the “fairer sex” today. I look to my left to see the immature guy laughing as we discuss women’s rights and have to wonder why he took this class.

By no means am I a feminist, but I do take offense at the mere suggestion that I can’t do something because I enjoy heels and lipstick. Is it for this reason that women are considered weak? The last time I checked, women are the ones producing life and have made such progress in the world regarding voting and opinions.

I’ve heard slander more often lately from women towards women. When did it become okay to openly do this? To quote Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz in poems, protests and a dream ” what then is the evil in my being a woman?” Is there a purpose to my rant? Perhaps not. I sometimes find that a subject really irks me and I have to say something. What started this whole “rant”?  The kid in the front of the room, who keeps laughing at everything my professor says. Why, sir, did you sign up for a “women’s literary studies” course if you are going to laugh at everything? You have opened mocked women since the beginning of this class and I find that most of the students around me are in agreement as I hear the mumbles that you do not in the back of the room.

I find it infuriating to be called “the fairer sex” and to be labeled as someone who in the past is automatically not as strong emotionally or physically. I do not know of anyone stronger than my mother.  What do you say to the little girl sitting in front of the mirror, hating herself because of a magazine image? Even an image from something that would seem so insignificant such as a Barbie doll can have traumatizing effects from eating disorders to depression. Even Legos have made “girl characters” that only sit at home or shop and do “girly” things, instead of going to work and saving lives, being a hero. My experiences working with kids has shown me that while most people don’t see these problems first hand, they do exist.

I can’t even begin to describe the feelings of joy I had when watching the proceedings on whether or not abortion should be legal. I know this is a touchy subject in today’s world, but it is so personal. Whether or not any one woman has had an abortion or thought about it, the decisions these male politicians are making affect us all. That isn’t to say I believe in abortion for myself personally, but I believe in the right to choose for yourself. The day that a man can get an abortion himself is the day that I will believe a man can make a decision regarding this topic.

Women have always been viewed as the “gentle” sex. It is seen in art, literature and even movies today. I know that as a woman in today’s society, if I wear a top that is “too revealing”, any attention I receive is my fault. If my skirt is too short, ” I deserve whatever happens to me”. So, is that to say that the reason any one person is raped, molested, kidnapped, etc… is because of them? Society is telling me that everyday.  We live in a society where we are taught to not get raped, instead of a society where men are taught not to rape. I hope that in my lifetime, I can see this change.

End Rant.